Toys and Dates

Sometimes, things just work. A date flows perfectly. A sex toy pushes all the right buttons. And the combination of all your favourite things into one mind-blowing day or night leaves you on cloud nine. Whether you’re a fan of all things sweet, the type to chant “om” under a tree in the park, or someone who can spend hours looking at art in museums, we have the activities – and sexy accessories! – that are just right for you.  

Sweet Tooth: O’My Flavoured lube // DT’s Dessert Bistro

O'My Lube / DT Bistro

  If you’re the type who can’t resist something sweet, try O’My’s flavoured line of water-based lubes. Selections like Strawberry Cheesecake (my favourite!), Passionfruit, and Blueberry Cheesecake smell great, and have a natural and not-too-chemically taste. These are great for oral sex and switching between touch-based play and oral stimulation.After you’ve worked up an appetite, head down to Harbord Street to check out DT Bistro‘s amazing selection of desserts. With their chocolate shells and fruit-based creams, cheesecakes, and more, these desserts are heaven for both the eyes and the tongue. Try the grapefruit mousse in a white-chocolate shell for something that’s both tart and sweet – just the way we like it!  

Earth Mama: Nob Essence wooden dildo // romantic Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga / Nobessence Tryst

  It’s time to take another look at wood. This tactile, touch-friendly material gets a new star turn in Nob Essence’s gorgeously earthy wooden sculptures, where each piece is designed to fit ergonomically inside the body and look great on your bedside table. We like the Tryst, but we’re also strangely attracted to the Allure – maybe it speaks to our woodland-nymph side? Whatever the attraction, these toys are perfect for your earth-loving green side.   Deepen your connection to your partner and to the world around you with a special yoga class designed especially for two people. The Yoga Sanctuary’s Partner Yoga class will challenge your balance, build your strength, and ground you into your relationship even as it works your muscles. Open your hearts and breathe.  

Art Lover: Fun Factory vibrator // Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

Fun Factory Delight / Paradisical Rites

  Fun Factory has been upping its toy game in the past few years by introducing the pulsating Stronic Eins. But we can’t get over the graphic curves and beautiful design of their rechargeable, shower-proof Delight vibrator. Its snappy black-and-white colourway and undulating curves stimulate your eyes and your g-spot (not to mention your clitoris!). If you’re left with a yearning for art that your sex toy (not matter how beautiful it is!) just can’t quench, take your date to MOCCA, the Queen Street West repository of all the best in Canadian contemporary art. There you’ll find strange sculptures, unusual photographs, and large-scale multimedia pieces that will challenge you in all the right ways. Plus, it’s an instant conversation-starter for you and your date! Check out the upcoming exhibition Paradisical Rites, a performance piece that somehow combines Jonestown, the Oscars, and the Manson Family into a ballet/processional.It promises to be a visceral, stunning experience.