From Frozen Trees to the Birds and the Bees

It’s about time the snow has melted away and left Toronto for good. We had a close call a few weeks back when the unexpected April snow made an appearance, but thankfully that’s gone as well! The season is noticeably changing: the skies are getting blue, the grass is getting its notable colour and, most importantly, our bulky clothes are getting tucked away into our closets and drawers!

Winter was that season everybody either hated to love, or loved profusely. Winter’s got its ups like Xmas, Boxing Day, spending time with family, keeping warm, building snowmen. And, of course, its got the downs like car collisions, bruised hips, catching a cold, being cold, seasonal spending, frozen rain storms that almost annihilated Toronto and never wanting to get out of your warm bed. Take a breath because it’s all over! Spring is here so let’s take a quick look at two things about spring!

Outfits that Bloom

Changing attire from winter to spring is not only fashionable, but its completely necessary if you don’t plan on collapsing over heat exhaustion in your winter jacket, sweater and scarf. Spring tends to warm up, so it’s a good idea to switch into something a bit lighter, breathable. It’s a good idea to carry around an umbrella with you considering Toronto’s weather is infamous for being unpredictable. Add a bit of colour to your fashion to compliment the flowers about to blossom — they’re just as scared as you to be beautiful, so somebody has to do it first! Spring is generally a good time for couples to introduce new clothing to each other. With the stress of winter, exams and lack of sunlight relieved, couples will generally have a refreshed mind and a new outlook on life, so why not take that advantage and get him that new shirt you’ve recently been eyeing?

Dates that Blossom

They say flowers release love while they’re blooming. Who? I don’t know, but it sounds legit. Why else would “love is in the air” be relevant? Now that the snow has melted and the ice barricades broken, front doors and windows are opening up once again! Sure you can sit at home and wait till summer hits for you to come out, but won’t it be too hot by then? Spring is refreshing. Damp, but refreshing! As mentioned earlier, the winter stress and everything associated with it just leaves with the snow. The daylight lingers at a later hour and with that you’re allowed more time to spend outside and enjoy an adventure with the person you want to be with. Take this opportunity to ask somebody on a date! Even if you’re already in a relationship, take them out somewhere (because we all know a few dates probably got cancelled thanks to the snow).

Use these two points as a main guideline for this season. I’ll be providing more as the season progresses. Summer is looming around the corner, so dress accordingly and be prepared for another season of fun, work and everything in between. Before you know it, winter will be back and you’ll have to hit hibernation! Get ready!