Date Night: Sin & Redemption

I first heard about Sin & Redemption when Josh and I started dating. I think we were talking about our favorite places to eat and drink, because I swear I mentioned The Three Brewers. Now, the two places are similar in the sense that they have great pub fair and a wonderful beer list. However, at The Three Brewers, the beer is made in-house and at Sin & Redemption the beer is just very worldly; even so, I really enjoyed Sin & Redemption.

The atmosphere is rather tight and cozy. They have everything you’d expect from a pub-style restaurant, but they manage to put more seats in a small place than most restaurants at this quality level. Yet, somehow, the place doesn’t feel cramped; rather the extra seating makes it feel very welcoming.

My boyfriend and I decided to go to Sin & Redemption after a walk by the harbour. It was a nice summer day, so we were given a seat by the “patio”. I mean it’s not really a patio, it’s more like a garage door left open, which was really nice, since it was hot. The restaurant was also filled with stand fans to help combat the heat.

Josh having been here before, knew exactly what he was going to get. This man really loves his stews so there was no chance in hell that he would get something other than their Belgian Beer Beef Stew ($13.95). When we went, I was trying the whole vegetarian thing so I got the Cheese Flatbread ($13.95). It was really good, but it was a bit too cheesy, and I had to take it to-go because I just couldn’t finish it with all that melty goodness. We also got some German Potato Pancakes ($7.50) to share, which were absolutely fantastic! Josh and I both have an equal love of all things potato, so this dish was a real winner.

Sin & Redemption interior

When we finished our meals, a few of our friends came to join us. If I remember correctly, one friend got the Indian style Chicken Curry ($13.50). Now, personally I hate Indian (or any spicy) food and all things curry. So while he was eating, I sat far at the other end of the table. But he seemed to really enjoy it. So I guess, if you like curry, give it a try.

Being that this is a bit of a beer hall, it would be silly of me to go without having anything to drink. I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember what I got, but the menu is so long (never-ending, even), that you can really get anything to drink. I do remember having something by La Trappe, a cider, and a strawberry beer. I probably had a few drinks in between that I’ve forgotten. One of our friends just got a promotion, so he decided to treat us all to drinks. He got us a round of tequila shots and gin and tonics. Now he did get pretty drunk. Not too drunk that he would be unsafe for anyone, but drunk enough that I would say he was drunk. The waiter kept on bringing him mystery shots, as he requested. She brought him drinks that I would never imagine drinking myself. It was a funny spectacle watching him turn up his nose every time he drank what she brought him.

At this point the place got pretty crowded. There were a group of kids dressed up in weird outfits, still not sure why they were dressed up how they were (I don’t think there was a convention on at the time). Either way, they seemed to be having a grand old time. It was at this point that we all realized that we’d been at Sin & Redemption for a rather long time, and so we decided to end the night without missing the subway.

While I still call The Three Brewers my favorite pub of all time, I will say that Sin & Redemption was lovely. The atmosphere is great, as is the food and drink menu. The staff is wonderful, and the prices are rather affordable. This place is great for students and foodies alike and makes for a great date night in any regard.