Comparing Dual Vibes: California Exotics G-Kiss vs. Fun Factory Tango

When it comes to sex toys, I enjoy dual vibes. A dual vibrator stimulates both the clitoris while also providing penetration. One of the first vibrators I ever purchased was California Exotics G-Kiss — a simple, battery-operated vibrator that is curved to massage the g-spot, but also has a piece that externally massages the clitoris. It has three different speeds that you can increase by simply pressing the button on the base of the vibe. Turn it on for its regular speed which is pretty standard, while the second speed is usually sufficient for me as I’m rather sensitive. I’ll only blast it up the third speed when the batteries are dying because at that point it’s only as powerful as the first or second speed with fresh batteries.

I find with dual vibrators, I often have to rock them back and forth excessively in order to put enough pressure on my g-spot. But the G-Kiss did wonders and found it all on its own. It really does have the perfect curve, but always bare in mind, what may be the perfect curve for me, may not be the perfect curve for the next lady.

This beautiful, little device inspired me to go big or go home so I invested in the Fun Factory Tango. When I first discovered the Tango, I marvelled at its perfect shape. It’s thicker and longer than the G-Kiss, but it still had a pleasant curve. Not to mention, I was really happy to learn the Tango is made of silicone, which is much safer and longer-lasting than any other material. In my opinion, the G-Kiss’ biggest downfall is its material, which is a jelly rubber, because the chemicals in jelly rubber really scare me. Why would I want to put that in my vag? It’s probably similar to standing in front of a running microwave for an hour.

But, I was surprised. The Tango required a lot of lube, and I mean a lot. I never use lube. Sure, sometimes it makes it easier during toy time, but I rarely need it. With the Tango, I need it. Also, the silicone on the Tango is a matte finish that actually causes an unpleasant amount of friction. This is my biggest qualm with most Fun Factory toys because I’ve never needed lube with any other products; however, if you like friction, they’re the way to go!

Both toys are battery operated – the G-Kiss takes two AAA’s, the Tango takes 4 AA’s. Fun Factory is known for power and strength, yet I found the G-Kiss much more powerful. That’s because a higher quality vibrator is often a low-frequency vibration. The best way to describe low-frequency is to say it feels deeper and slower. But even that doesn’t do it justice. I had to turn the Tango up full blast in order to be close to satisfied, unlike the G-Kiss. I think the biggest reason for this is because the clitoral stimulator on the G-Kiss actually contains a separate motor, whereas the Tango only has a motor in the shaft, and vibration must be carried throughout the entire vibrator before it reaches the clit. Personally, I like a lot more power on my clit.

The verdict: If the Tango was a different material and a stronger, faster vibrator, it would be the ideal toy for me. Fun Factory has been powerful enough for me in the past, that was a rechargeable vibe, which tend to be stronger. For some strange reason, I prefer the G-Kiss, and for $30 you really can’t complain! The Tango rings up at nearly $100.